Since starting out as a small business in 2015 ourprimary focus has been on creating pure quality itemsthat benefit your eyes

We strive for unique function, protection, convenient use, high quality and fashion. From countless reading glasses options to a whole collection of kid friendly sunglasses, we cater to your every need. 

We take simple items and tweak them to create something exceptional, something useful, something you'll wear or use time and time again. We keep the finest technicians working closely with us to consider the minor, sometimes missed details. 

Our goal was and always will be highly satisfied customers and never losing touch with the community of fine eye care seekers.

From humble roots to proudly selling across the U.S. our product has been featured on blogs by Today and People!

Join us on our journey of providing the best eye care products on the market.

We work so that you’re happy,

please contact us with any feedback, questions or concerns!