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Anti Fog Travel Kit


Hey there, clarity seekers! We see eye to eye. Foggy glasses, mirrors, and windows are a conundrum that has confounded and baffled clear-minded individuals for centuries. But with some time, effort, and consultation with experts, we’ve solved it. Finally. 

The kit includes:

1- Fog Gone Anti Fog Spray for Non AR Lenses- 2oz

1- Fog Gone Anti-Fog Microfiber Cloth For All Lens Types

Our classic #1 best selling Fog Gone Spray is for Non-AR coated lenses.

Made with an amazing microfiber blend, the anti fog microfiber cloth is soft, delicate and easy to use to defog your glasses, eyewear, screens, phones, ski & sports masks, helmets, goggles, and endless other surface types. 

It can be used and reused effective up to 200 times. The anti fog cloth provides fog free protection for up to 24 hours!

The Anti-fog wipe cloth is 100% safe (and effective!) to use on Anti-Reflective coated lenses & all lens types.

Anti Fog Travel Kit